Master Bathrooms

04/06/2012 | Post

Bathrooms are often treated as utilitarian rooms with conventional designs and treatments.  However, with thoughtful attention to design and effort applied to the details, bathrooms can become fantastic spaces ideal for relaxation and unwinding.  Please enjoy the following images from master bathrooms in various homes designed by Locati Architects.

This bathroom exudes rustic elegance with wall treatments and fixtures.  Filled with natural light, the space is bright and warm.

1Wyoming Residence, photo by Roger Wade Studio

Rugged rock accents provide the perfect detail in this mountain home’s master bathroom, echoing the natural surroundings of the home’s site.

2Quartz Residence, photo by Roger Wade Studio

Elegant tile, light fixture, and window treatments enhance the comfortable feel and ambiance in this master bathroom.

Old River Farm Residence, photo by Roger Wade Studio

A unique curved glass bay window and beautiful chandelier give this master bathroom a definitive “wow” factor.  The view from the bathtub is fantastic as well.

Moonlight Basin Residence, photo by Roger Wade Studio

This master bathroom’s tub is reminiscent of an old fashioned claw-foot tub and enhances the rustic feel of the space.

Bear Trap Residence, photo by Roger Wade Studio

The custom metal bathtub gives this bathroom a contemporary flare while simultaneously providing a unique place to enjoy the gorgeous garden view outside.  The view is further enhanced by folding doors which allow the space to be completely open to the outdoors.

Bridger Canyon Residence, photo by Karl Neumann

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