Black Bull Pool & Fitness Center Opens

07/18/2012 | Post

Black Bull Golf Community in Bozeman, Montana has opened its newly constructed Pool and Fintess Center designed by Locati Architects.  This exclusive golf community is located on the western edge of Bozeman and features stunning views of the nearby Bridger Mountains and surrounding countryside.   The Pool and Fitness Center was officially opened Memorial Day weekend 2012 and boasts several amenities including a collegiate-size pool, spa, locker room, fitness area, and patio with ample area for lounging.

The Pool and Fitness Center sit adjacent to the Black Bull Corral Clubhouse, also designed by Locati Architects.  The overall design elements and materials of the buildings are reminiscent of the agricultural architecture vernacular of the area; and additionally provide a delightful feel of “rustic elegance” to the community.

Photos Courtesy of Locati Architects

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