Locati Fine Art

10/16/2012 | Post

Jerry Locati, the founder of Locati Architects in Bozeman, Montana, has spent years designing high end residential, commercial, and resort architecture.  Locati Architects opened in 1989 and since then the firm has gained international acclaim for its interpretation of western culture and lifestyle in the built environment.  As a Montana native and Montana State University graduate, Jerry’s interest in architecture originally developed from his love of art.  Now after spending the last thirty years in the realm of architecture, he has come full circle with his love of architecture leading him back to the world of fine art.  Jerry believes architecture and art are closely related with two main considerations driving both:  overall proportion and shade and shadow.  Similar to his buildings, his artwork is carefully proportioned and made up of a multitude of different parts and pieces combining to form a unified composition.  Each original work is hand drawn with the overall image broken into multiple individual blocks with each block being further divided by a smaller quarter-inch grid system.

Each creation takes a painstaking amount of patience and time:  Winter Gathering took over two hundred hours to complete.  This particular drawing is his fifth such drawing and is the first to reproduce in a limited run– twenty total.  This limited edition giclee print has only been available for thirty days and has been met with great success as 3/4 of them have already been sold.  His work is being purchased and recognized by acclaimed artists and collectors alike.  Please enjoy the following images of original pieces by Jerry Locati.

Winter Gathering, by Jerry Locati
Stepping Into Water, by Jerry Locati
Business Casual, by Jerry Locati
Locati Fine Art Certificate of Authenticity

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