Chimney Rock Residence

12/14/2012 | Post

Located in Table Rock Lake, Missouri, is the Chimney Rock Residence designed by Locati Architects and Interiors.  Recently completed, the home is a lakeside retreat for the homeowners to entertain family and friends.  Here are some images of the residence for you to enjoy,  and click on the link below for full project information and photos.


Chimney Rock Residence Link



Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-2 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-1 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-3 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-5 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-6 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-7 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-10 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-14 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-15 Locati-Architects-Chimney-Rock-16










Photography by Roger Wade Studio

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