Yellowstone Theological Institute

05/13/2013 | Post

Yellowstone Theological Institute has selected Locati Architects to design their new location in Bozeman, Montana.  Proposed Yellowstone Theological Institute facilities include a chapel, administrative offices, and classrooms on 80 acres along with a retreat center and a performing arts facility.  Architectural concepts for the future Institute buildings and a sketch of plans for the entire 80 acres reflect commitments to both the outdoors and the arts.

Locati Architect’s Design Intent for Yellowstone Theological Institute:  “Our guiding architectural philosophy is use of natural and native building materials that create spaces worthy of their Montana surroundings.  Humbled by, and reverent to, the natural beauty of this place, our design proposals suggests a Chapel and building complex that is entirely about appreciating the landscape and relating to it.  And as we pursue faith, the adventures of outdoors, and the arts within these buildings and outdoor spaces, we find new appreciation for the interconnectedness of each.”

Visit the Yellowstone Theological Institute Website for more information




Prelim 36x48 (2)

Renderings by Locati Architects and Andrew West Illustration

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