Aaron Britton


Hailing from California’s Bay Area, Aaron grew up in a culturally rich environment and spent his summers in Idaho’s wilderness with extended family, fly fishing, swimming and hiking. As a kid, he was also able to travel to different countries further expanding his curiosity towards people and places. This upbringing has greatly influenced his choices in life.

Aaron graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design. He began a career path as project manager, architectural designer and lighting designer; managing and designing a wide range of projects including high-end residential, wineries, higher education, commercial, historic preservation and remodels. His diverse background of experience combined with a stable work ethic allow Aaron to excel at the wide variety of design challenges for innovative custom architecture at Locati.

“I am inspired by collaborating with my Locati team and clients to produce amazing, functional and sustainable architectural designs that I am later able to see developed into livable objects people love to interact with.”

Since moving to Bozeman in 2010, Aaron has designed and built his own custom sustainable home. Aaron and his wife travel around the world, garden in their yard, work on creative projects, watch mysteries and imbibe wine. Outside of work Aaron is an avid photographer, ceramic artist and a blacksmith, creating works of art that are imaginative and sometimes functional (hopefully). Currently he is expanding his craft knowledge in woodworking and focusing on small scale projects like cutting boards.