People. Lifestyle. Design.

At Locati Architects every project starts with personal relationships.
Our clients. Our team. Our community.
That means we ask, not just where do you want to live,
but how do you want to live there.

Quality design improves lives and brings people together. Each project is an opportunity to create a gathering place, a community gateway and a connection to the landscape. From relationships to renderings to the realization of dream, we consider every detail.

Our holistic approach to architectural design relies on communication between clients, architects, builders and interior design partners as the quintessential element to success. Every client relationship is different and therefore, every custom design is layered with luxurious personalized elements. The process is as personal as the place.

The result is a structure that is more than wood, stone, glass and metal. Connecting people to the landscape through architecture by incorporating innovative products with classic style is our art form. It is not simply a custom home; it’s where you live.

“We believe the measure of any successful project is dependent upon our relationship with the client.”