Mary Gravens


Hailing from a small ranch near Shelby, Montana, Mary found her calling in hospitality. Starting as a hostess, her drive and enthusiasm led her to roles in serving, bartending, and management. As the General Manager for Devil’s Toboggan, she honed her leadership skills before transitioning to her current role at Locati. Mary balances her evenings in the service industry with days spent in the Locati offices, channeling her passion for hospitality into building meaningful connections and streamlining administrative processes. Whether stationed at her 1st floor desk or bustling around the building, Mary’s cheerful presence is felt as she welcomes visitors, runs errands, and maintains order.

Outside of work, Mary enjoys backpacking, skiing, testing out new recipes or catching up on her reading. She delights in time spent with her extended family, observing the wild birds that frequent her backyard, and cultivating a jungle of indoor plants.