When Water Carries Design

10/18/2018 | Post

The sensorial effect of water, as well as its sway on the landscape, have forever drawn man to its shores. So, for many of Locati Architects’ clients, water is the driving force behind their home design. Lake and river properties, where recreation is often the impetus for design, make for spectacular settings and unique construction challenges.

At the Carver Bay Residence, on the sun-soaked shores of Whitefish Lake, Montana, a client’s passion for lake life takes shape in the estate’s boathouse where the footprint of a pre-existing structure was converted into a clubhouse just steps from the shore. In the main home, the design puts the client in the water without ever having to leave the house. Off the great room, a set of stairs leads to a lower level boat garage for fast access to recreation.

In another luxury home design, on a bench overlooking Table Rock Lake in Missouri, the Chimney Rock home incorporates water at almost every vantage. The entry to the residence takes visitors along a pathway of stepping stones and a bridge over shallow, reflective pools that meet the stone facade of the home, giving the illusion of a structure built on the water rather than next to it. Lead on the project, partner Kyle Tage, describes the firm’s approach to incorporating water into the design: “Our main emphasis is creating unity between water elements and the architecture. Careful thought and planning go into both the visual impact of the water feature and how you experience it throughout the home, as well as the auditory enjoyment that water can bring.” This thoughtful attention is evident on the opposite elevation of the home as well, where water cascades gently away from the great room and outdoor living areas, toward the lake below, making the sound of falling water the background music to family meals and memories made.

Whether it be a lake home or a fishing retreat on the river, one principle holds true throughout all of Locati’s projects on the water: a recognition that water is Earth’s most precious resource. While building near water, Locati approaches design with both a reverence for its beauty and an appreciation for its importance to all.